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Citizen Complaint Form
City and County of San Francisco
Civil Grand Jury

IMPORTANT: The Citizen Complaint Form should be prepared and filed with the Grand Jury only after all attempts to resolve the issue have been exhausted. The Grand Jury has no authority to investigate complaints pending before a court of law or disputes between private parties. The Grand Jury does not necessarily investigate all complaints received.

* Indicates required field
Person or Agency About Which Complaint is Made
* Name or Agency:
* Address:
* Nature of Complaint
Describe the events in the order they occurred and as concisely as possible (max lengh: 500):
List persons or agencies contacted/consulted prior to this Grand Jury request. (max lengh: 500)
Witnesses the Grand Jury may contact for further information (max lengh: 500):
Who do you believe the Grand Jury should contact about this matter? (max lengh: 500)
* Action Requested
Describe the action you wish the Grand Jury to take (max lengh: 500):
Citizen Submitting Complaint
Email Address:

*NOTE: Your address is necessary in order for the Civil Grand Jury Foreperson to acknowledge your submission.
  • Complaints must be submitted in writing; complaints are not accepted by phone;
  • The Civil Grand Jury does not investigate all complaints received. Investigations are at the discretion of the jury;
  • Investigation of your complaint will not necessarily be confirmed; all investigations remain confidential until the Civil Grand Jury decides to include the findings in the final report;
  • Anonymous complaints may not be responded to if the Civil Grand Jury is unable to contact you for additional information related to the complaint;
  • The Civil Grand Jury cannot investigate activities outside their jurisdiction, criminal activity or disputes between private parties.
By submitting this complaint, I declare that to the best of my knowledge, the foregoing is true and correct.